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When is the campsite open?

We are open from 1st March to 31st October.

Am I allowed to take my dog to the campsite?

So long as you are staying there yes, it is free to take pets camping with you but make sure you keep them under control, and please clean up any mess!


Am I allowed a campfire?

Yes campfires are allowed,.  There are places you will see to use but you can create a new fire place if necessary!.

We also sell firewood, and respectfully ask you not to take wood from the hedgerows and neighbouring fields.


Where do I get wood from if I would like a fire?

Workers will come round usually twice a day selling wood,or if it is urgent you can ring to get some delivered:  01432 840492 


Am I allowed to bring a campervan onto the site?

Yes, campervans are allowed on site. 

(Sorry, planning restrictions prevent us allowing caravans onto the campsite) 


How do I pay?

Just pitch-up and we’ll come and see you.  Please pay in cash (NO CHEQUES) when you see any employee around the campsite collecting the money.  

Employees will be wearing orange Tresseck Campsite tabards! 


Do we hire out canoes?

No, we do not hire canoes at the campsite.

Please see our Canoeing page on this website for companies that do.


Do we have showers onsite?

Sorry, no just portaloos and plenty of cold running water taps.  However the river is very clean ad refreshing!